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Outside the Box Thinking (Just for fun)

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OK, for those of you (like me) who occasionally need a truck for utility, hauling things, mulch, lumber and such, how about this.

A dual axle "trailer", aerodynamically designed to complement the volt's rearend, complete with its own (maybe smaller) battery pack and electric motor. Hitch up and plug it into the Volt in the back somewhere and link to the Volt acceleration so the trailer assists with the forward motion (maybe even braking if necessary).

You have a detachable utility trailer, much lower cost than buying and insuring a full pickup, efficient use of space and money, <should?> not negatively affect the Volt chassis.

From GM's point of view, yes, they may not sell another full vehicle (pickup), but it makes the Volt itself more valuable and useful. You basically buy into a versatile concept that could grow with your needs.

Just a raw idea I had while drinking a beer over lunch. Maybe I need another. :)