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I put returnable $ 500.00 on a Bolt EV today. Configuration listed & created as a Preliminary Order with the following Order # xxxxx. Am I able to follow the Bolt build out by using this #? Or what is the purpose of that #? Just dealership in house usage?

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Here are all the order codes and their meanings. Once you get your six character order number, you can go on Chat and they can give you your current order status code.

Originally posted by WOT:

"PS> Production codes
GM Production Codes
1000 Order On Hold at Dealership
1100 Order Placed at Dealership
1101 Order Entered into System
1102 Order Entered via Web
2000 Order Accepted by GM
2001 Order Generated to Dealer
2005 Order Replaced with GM Prospec Order
2030 Order Edited by GM
2500 Order Prefrenced, Sent to Production
3000 Order Accepted by Production Control
3100 Order Available to Sequence
3300 Order Selected, Scheduled for Production by Assembly Plant *
3400 Order Broadcasted for Production, loaded on assembly plant computers
3800 Vehicle Produced, VIN is available
4000 Vehicle Available to Ship
4104 Bailment Invoice Created
4106 Bailment Released
4150 Vehicle Invoiced
4200 Vehicle Shipped
4300 Intermediate Delivery
4V03 Estimated Delivery Date
4B00 Bayed, vehicle is waiting on transportation or pulled for quality control
4800 Rail Ramp Unload, vehicle at RR destination to await truck transport to dealer
5000 Vehicle Delivered to Dealer
6000 Vehicle Delivered to Customer
9000 Order Cancelled
* Target Production Week (TPW) is usually available by status code 3300. "

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I believe the order is just from the dealer. The dealer needs an allocation. After it gets an allocation, it places an order and then gets a six character production code. You might want to ask if they have an allocation.

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A dealer can create an order in a system called Work Bench (it's their desk top app) and it generates that 6 character Order Number (you can see it on every GM window sticker) just above the box with the dealers info. As soon as the dealer submits the order the Code 1100 is generated and from that moment on the buyer can inquire and track their order on the Chevrolet w b site.

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