From Frankfurt last week, GM divulged some good news, and not so good electric car news for our friends over there.

Good news includes CEO Mary Barra said another EV alongside the Bolt would be offered for Opel.

As reported by Autocar , no specifics were offered but it could come along by 2020.

In the not-as-good news, GM will reportedly not offer the Bolt in a right-hand-drive version for the growing UK plug-in market. This was said by Autocar which "confirmed" it but Chevrolet media rep Michelle Malcho was less clear on whether it's really off the table.

"The Bolt EV will be a global vehicle," said Malcho to Green Car Reports. "We have not disclosed which markets and therefore the configurations available at this time."

Assuming Autocar may be correct, commentary was made over no RSD contrasting GM’s assertions the Bolt would be a “global car,” and Green Car Reports citing Chelsea Sexton’s views of a Dan Ammann tweet rubbed the automaker’s nose in it just a bit.

Ammann had said GM makes an EV “for everyone” contrasting a nearly median priced Bolt to ultra expensive showpieces like the Porsche Mission E which is not for everyone. Even before that, Teslas which start at $76,200 are not "for everyone" GM has implied in so many words, but the Bolt is. Or is it?

"Everyone" apparently excludes the UK, goes the commentary that says GM would do well to cut down the "feistiness" and open its arms to the whole market.

"But the particular streak of arrogance revealed by such remarks against other companies making plug-in cars aimed at their own markets," Sexton said, "is not only a dicey strategy, but tone-deaf."

So it goes, but on the good news side again, Opel is getting a Bolt. It cannot be said to be a direct replacement for the Ampera which was a re-badged Volt, but this will reportedly be a rebadged Bolt.

What will they call the Opel Bolt?

How about this: they can call it the Opel Bolt! No? Don't think so?

They won't call it the Opel Electra or Opel Amp, or Opel Scamp, or Opel Champ, or would they?

What's a good European name for a progressive audience GM hopes will buy more of its cars?

Just as pressing is whether it will be styled nicer than the Chevy stateside?

GM is not yet saying, nor has it confirmed the production date for the Chevy EV generally believed to be as soon as next fall.

We shall see.