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Ontario EV rebate changes

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The rebate is no longer capped at 30% of MSRP. All trim levels of Volt and Bolt now qualify for the full $14,000 rebate.

The Tesla clause: Battery electric vehicles from $75k to $150k now qualify for the full $14,000. Plug-in hybrids in that price range are still capped at $3k.

Changes are retroactive to January 1.
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I don't see in the press release any change for Volt buyers. It seems to imply that the old system of rebate proportional to battery size is still in effect. Or did I miss a previous change?
To qualify for the full rebate a car must be able to seat 5 and have a battery bigger than 17KWh. The Volt fully qualifies. Below is the updated list on the Ontario government website.
You guys really get a good deal in Ontario. We're stuck with 8k off only. Off course, we're running a smaller deficit. (now how often do you hear that?)
Actually I believe Quebec is running a budget surplus. Ontario is supposed to come close to a balanced budget in 2017.
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