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Looks like Onstar is moving to "Owner Center" which is a gm site vs. onstar only site. In Canada it is so I assume in the US it is

The new site is a lot cleaner but there is still work to be done but at least it is a step in the right direction. FYI, if you were using a "username" as a login, moving to the new site requires you to switch to an email address so be aware of that. When you convert to an email address, all of your logins such as your app on your phone will now require the new email login in order to properly work.

I signed back up for Onstar (actually for my Buick) but just to let Canadian's know, I got the Guidance package for $19.99 + tax Canadian per month for 12 months. I believe the regular price is north of $32 + tax so a decent price.

I am a GM family member so this price may not be the same if you are not a GM family member but I would ask for it anyway if you decide to go for Onstar again if you are not currently subscribing. When the year is up, I am going to try the cancel routine and then try to get a repeat of the deal... you know the drill.
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