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Onstar website broken?

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OK so I got a free offer in the mail a couple days ago for Onstar "3 on us" three years of free diagnostics and remote app, plus $20 credit at a dealer. Also gives 3 months of full plan. Pushed the button and signed up. Lady said I'd get an email and had to go online and accept user term agreement. Tried on my Android phone, no worky, couldn't get past the "all vehicles" screen with a picture of my car and vin #. So I tried it on my pc at home, same thing. Called an advisor, they said I had to be using Google Chrome. ??? So I try wife's laptop, which is using Chrome, same thing. Also same thing with IE. (my normal browser is Firefox). If I don't log into my account, all the pages of the site will load. What happens is I get a brief view of the page I clicked on, then back to the "all vehicles" screen. Weird. I'll have to call tomorrow during normal hours and whine some more I guess. No features work until you accept the user agreement.
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OK, after another call to Onstar they determined that the activation signal to the car was not successful. Second attempt worked. So now I have the phone app, diagnostics, EV miles, etc. for 3 years for free and full plan for 3 months!
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