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Onstar "unlimited" hotspot data offer

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Got an email today saying it's $20 a month for unlimited data through the car. I let my Wi-Fi hotspot trial in the Volt lapse. Anyone know more about this or plan on getting it?

I have to figure out whether I'm in the car long enough with enough opportunity to safely use it to make it really worthwhile for $20 a month.....

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The only way this could possibly make sense is if you have passengers that want to stream video (and I'm not sure if the connection is good enough for streaming video). It's $5 for every 500GB of data if you just buy it piecemeal so you'd need to use at least 2GB of data per month to break even. I use about a gig a month on my phone so there's no way it makes sense for me.
You must mean $5 for every 500MB (or 0.5 GB) of data. Otherwise I'd be all over that... if I had a G2.
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