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Onstar "unlimited" hotspot data offer

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Got an email today saying it's $20 a month for unlimited data through the car. I let my Wi-Fi hotspot trial in the Volt lapse. Anyone know more about this or plan on getting it?

I have to figure out whether I'm in the car long enough with enough opportunity to safely use it to make it really worthwhile for $20 a month.....

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This kind of thing should simply be a GM value-add. $5/month unlimited LTE, just to provide a hump for those who won't use it (so as to prevent a high cost of low use on the back end).

Advice: if you are selling a high tech car, you should be enabling it as a high-tech car. There is simply no way would I add a $20/mo bill to my life, just so my kids can watch Youtube videos on their way to school...but I might do it for the convenience of streaming music while driving.

By the way, in Canada, the cost is Much Much higher, so I'm guessing very few Canucks will pay the exorbitant cost when they can just use their phone as a wifi hotspot for roadtrips.
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