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Thanks for the info. I am able to login, but about 90% of my refresh requests time out with an error "unable to determine status of command". This is significantly worse than the usual 50% failure rate.

I share the frustration of others on this forum. I've had my Volt for 3.5 years now, and love every aspect, EXCEPT the app. I thought for the first few months that they just needed to work out the kinks. Now 3 years later it is just an incredibly sour point for me. I have maybe 40 apps on my phone. This app takes 10 times longer than ANY OTHER app to login. This app fails 100 times more often than any other app I have. The most frustrating failure is that 3-4 times a week, it forgets my userid / pw even though I have the checkbox checked, and I have to type it all in again. I hate having to type my pw in public places; that's specifically why I bought a phone with a fingerprint reader. The cool new "locate vehicle" function was exciting at first, but in the several months it has been out, it has only worked for me about 3 times.

As someone said above, "testing is fundamental". I could have spent 5 minutes with the app and given them a list of 10 issues to fix before they should have ever released the app. This isn't rocket science.

Anyway..... thanks for letting me vent.

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