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About time they do something.

The MyVolt site hasn't had a refresh (or even 'news' updates) since 2012! The myVolt and RemoteLink apps are the weakest part of the Volt experience. The DC app is just plain crap. I deleted it from my phone months ago.

Testing is fundamental. There wouldn't be 'issues' with proper regression testing. Staying ahead of smartphone upgrades and O/S updates (even browser versions) is an ongoing customer service 'issue'. Not being backward-compatible with APIs for sites like Volt Stats is just plain Customer Experience dumb.

Do you even check the ratings for your apps? Dismal. Hint. OnStar = 2.5/5. DC=1.5/5. These are pretty bad. That's a 'D-' and an 'F' in elementary school.

Even us old guys are social media aware. Get with the program, GM, or all younger buyers will go with Kia. Oh wait... Kia Motors OptiMap is 4.5/5. hmmm...
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