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Just got off the phone with OnStar tech support. Got lucky, got a chance to talk to someone who knew what's going on for a change.

Since the system upgrade fiasco, some of the stuff is still not working right. In my case it was wifi screen error in RemoteLink, can't login to at all, Chevy volt driver challenge login fails and still can't pull any data.

The tech I spoke with told me that the upgrade was done to prepare for the rollout of a new version of RemoteLink. Apparently some of the back-end systems got already upgraded and are not backwards compatible and are causing all kinds of problems. Once RemoteLink 2.0 is rolled out, everything will be switched to that and all issues "should" be resolved. The tech told me that he just went through training on the new version and he thought it was very nice and they are looking forward to it going live and resolving all ongoing crap issues. He did not know the exact date of release, but told me "very soon after New Year". I volunteered to be a beta customer tester for them. Doubt they will take me up on the offer, but they really should. Clearly their internal test process is lacking severely.

I suspect that there will be some system issues around the time the app goes live. OnStar's track record is quite sad.

Now a quick note to the "OnStar social media team". You are welcome. I don't mind doing your job at all. I clearly am wrong to expect that you share information with your customers here. Or respond to PMs...


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