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OnStar data plan question

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I've had my Volt for almost 2 months...I'd received one notification that my data was running out so I bought some more for something like $15 and now that's run out too....I'm the only one using it and I don't think I use all that much. I told them not to renew it again, and we'll see how that goes. Am I just double paying for data from OnStar as well as my phone provider as I've got an included amount of data with my phone anyway for when I'm not in a wifi hotspot. It seems to me that I can get by just fine without any wifi on in my car. Anyone else have thoughts on this?
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I used WiFi once for a roadtrip in our 2016 and it was useful and convenient for tablets and the passenger.

A lot of phones have the ability to be used as hotspots and I would probably do that in the future.

I think they make a lot of money on this option and data usage is likely hard to track for the user.

It was odd / funny when they wanted my car to have a unique phone number. Just seemed archaic when everyone has a cell phone and there is bluetooth connectivity.
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