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OnStar data plan question

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I've had my Volt for almost 2 months...I'd received one notification that my data was running out so I bought some more for something like $15 and now that's run out too....I'm the only one using it and I don't think I use all that much. I told them not to renew it again, and we'll see how that goes. Am I just double paying for data from OnStar as well as my phone provider as I've got an included amount of data with my phone anyway for when I'm not in a wifi hotspot. It seems to me that I can get by just fine without any wifi on in my car. Anyone else have thoughts on this?
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Also, if your phone is connected to the OnStar wifi when you plug it in to charge, it will backup to iCloud (or android equivalent) using your OnStar data plan. This could be the source of a lot of your consumption. If your provider is through AT&T you can have the car's wifi hotspot added to your family share plan instead of paying OnStar directly.
Under Android, you can set a specific wifi connection as "metered" in the settings under Data Usage -> Network Restrictions. This prevents the background tasks from using the data willy-nilly.

I'm not aware of an equivalent for iOS other than manually turning automatic sync off and back on, but I'm not really an Apple guy.
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