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I'm looking at buying a new Volt (2017 or 2018) and want to figure out what happens after the 5 year free basic Onstar expires. I asked my dealer how much Onstar basic would be after 5 years, he suggested I look at the Onstar web page. Web page only shows Basic as free for 5 years, with no info on charges afterwards. I emailed Onstar, they replied with generic info but no info on being able to continue with the Basic plan after 5 years - the cheapest option they sent me was $200/yr.

All I really want from the Onstar system is the ability to remote start in winter, the plug ins at work are about a 10 min walk from my desk.

Anyone have an idea if it's possible to continue a cheap plan after the basic plan expires?
After the 5 year free Basic expires you will have to pay for at least the minimum plan offered. Currently that is the Protection Plan at $19.95 per month, which I believe is the same plan they told you about for $200 per year.
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