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One year update on my 2017 Volt. Wow!!!!

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All I can say is that the car is awesome!! Driving from Newmarket, Ontario to North York(Toronto) at a round trip of 104km a day. All charging done at home(no charging allowed at work)

drove 28715 km

$433.16 in electricity cost/year

76.21 liters of fuel used

3448 liters of fuel saved(approx) when compared to my 2005 Montana van using 12-13 Liters per 100km(if my figure is correct)

tell me if I calculated Liters of fuel saved incorrectly

The car is great. when I try to expalin it to my friends, they just don't get it! Oh well too bad for them.
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Only 9 months and logged 21,682 miles with 20,335 EV miles. I got two tankfuls of gas from the dealer, one during the purchase, and another during the surface coating purchase, and I only bought a tankful for about $19 and still working on it. So I got decent MPGcs because I have about 1,300 miles on gas and yet my lifetime MPGe is now 99.9 and lifetime mpg of 706.

Electricity is practically free from work and charging stations, and the home charging is only for topping off, so about $50 in electricity so far.
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