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One year update on my 2017 Volt. Wow!!!!

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All I can say is that the car is awesome!! Driving from Newmarket, Ontario to North York(Toronto) at a round trip of 104km a day. All charging done at home(no charging allowed at work)

drove 28715 km

$433.16 in electricity cost/year

76.21 liters of fuel used

3448 liters of fuel saved(approx) when compared to my 2005 Montana van using 12-13 Liters per 100km(if my figure is correct)

tell me if I calculated Liters of fuel saved incorrectly

The car is great. when I try to expalin it to my friends, they just don't get it! Oh well too bad for them.
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... Only part about it I find really disappointing is the cover for the charging cord compartment. Complete junk. Already warped and won't stay shut...
There is supposed to be a little 'stick on' pad on the back of the lever-like latch that holds the cover in place. Perhaps it fell off? If so, I'd just wrap the latch with a few turns of cloth electrical tape.

And yes, the Volt is an awesome commuter car. We have 21k miles on ours. I've only added about 8 gallons of gas since new - mostly because of FMM.
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