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One-year quick review...

Almost at 13 months. 2013 Volt with all options. Very good year. 11,000 total miles - 10,300 electric. I've spent $46 on gas...two fill-ups. (Car was full when I bought it.)

Very quiet, very happy ride. My negatives have been shared here before: wish it had more electric range, really wish it had a spare (that's another post), and sometimes want it to be bigger.

People do ask about the car, usually about gas mileage. If they are ready to hear, I tell them the whole story, and they are impressed and interested. If they aren't ready to listen, I say I'm happy and move on.

So far, I haven't received much of the hate I've heard about on the forum. That was a worry before I bought, so I'm happy about that.

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