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Oil Prices

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While Volt owners have been engrossed in all things plug in the price of oil, in case you haven't noticed, has crossed the $70/bbl price and may head higher.
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We need to sell more public resources (oil leases) for pennies on the dollar to our political friends, get rid of oil spill safety regs, and help oil companies make more money. There are no other energy sources, well, maybe nuclear...

Interestingly, the side effect of drilling is cheap natural gas which clobbers another sacred cow: coal. When your political campaign is being funded by gas and coal, which do you favor when they are in conflict?

The new DOE head Rick Perry wants to have the taxpayers subsidize noncompetitive coal plants under the guise of national security by requiring 90 day coal stockpiles at plants that have switched primarily to gas. That was shot down by another agency, but this is politics, expect this corporate welfare handout to a coal billionair to be resurrected in another guise.
And while everyone's portfolio is doing great, I'm bracing for what will likely be a very large correction, and hoping there will be sufficient time for it to re-correct before I retire.
As we know from the past, the stock market will always continue to go up, up, up. :)
So my 2011 Volt emits 276 g CO2/mile vs 381 for a gas vehicle. So 38% cleaner.
My 2017 Bolt emits 206 g CO2/mile vs 381 for a gas vehicle, or 46% cleaner than an ICE.

In either case, definitely cleaner than an ICE.

Not sure how many gas/electric miles they are assuming for the Volt. I used to do 72% EV, 28% ICE. Based on that, I'd say my Volt was at 255 g CO2/mile (72% of 206=148.32, 28% of 381 = 106.68. Total 255 g CO2/mile). Now that my Volt is driven almost exclusively as an EV, it's a lot closer to the Bolt EV numbers.
1 - 3 of 37 Posts
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