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Oil Prices

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While Volt owners have been engrossed in all things plug in the price of oil, in case you haven't noticed, has crossed the $70/bbl price and may head higher.
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I don't buy much gas these past 4 years. I probably have to spend some of mine on SALT, being in Illinois. All things considered I think I'll still come out ahead, and my investment portfolio is SCREAMING good news.
Considering SALT I don't have a prayer of coming out ahead. Although states are now looking for creative ways of getting around this.

And while everyone's portfolio is doing great, I'm bracing for what will likely be a very large correction, and hoping there will be sufficient time for it to re-correct before I retire.
Perhaps you've heard of this acronym called FUD?
I have no fear, uncertainty, or doubt that the market will eventually recover to this level and even surpass it (baring something catastrophic). I just hope the time frame is advantageous for me.
Living comfortably off 100K in your neck of the woods, or even 150K in my neck of the woods is great today. But when my kids are grown up they will likely need twice that amount. Unless your nest egg is in the 10s of millions it will not be a free ride.

And (for a change :) ) I have to agree with Mister Dave. You can teach your kids all you want, but when the time comes they are more likely to make poor decisions with money they have not worked for.
1 - 3 of 37 Posts
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