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Oil Prices

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While Volt owners have been engrossed in all things plug in the price of oil, in case you haven't noticed, has crossed the $70/bbl price and may head higher.
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Well, many plastic parts in a Chevy Volt just got more expensive...:rolleyes:
Too many people worry about whether they have enough money as they retire. Don’t forget, one can easily live 20-30 years beyond retirement age, or if you take advantage of the year of 55 rule, there could even be 40 years of future growth. So maybe instead of worrying about any correction, feel confident that if you keep your investments all in on good growth mutual funds, avoid those bonds and targeted funds that move your investments to “safer” infest-mentions vehicles, and keep letting the goose lay those golden eggs.

My plan is to let my nestegg ride and draw a line in the sand as my target point the day I retire. anything above the line I can spend, give away, or keep in the investment. Then anything below the line means I need to just live minimally to pay the taxes and eat, while I wait for it to recover. I plan to end up with farm more than I started to leave as a legacy for my children and grandchildren (if and when any grandchildren arrive).

As long as you don’t pull it all out even if there is a correction, history shows you will be fine. It’s the folks who jump off the moving roller coaster who get hurt
1 - 2 of 37 Posts
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