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So I spent some time at a medium sized "cruze-in" and car show today. They were set up for the vehicles that were actually competing, and then an area for Motorcycles, one for cars/trucks, and one for BIG trucks and tractors.

I rolled in and said "hey, are there any other electric vehicles registered"
They were like ... Ummmmm, nope. :(

But I learned a valuable lesson. If you want people to see your car and ask questions, wind up with a space near the path to the bathrooms :D

Talked to about 30 different people ranging from "OMG that's so cool!" to one jerk who just looked at me and said "Why the hell would anyone waste their money on crap like that?"

Mostly people just had absolutely no idea other than some vague notion that it had "something electric" about it.

Top questions (in order from least asked to most asked)

  • Do you have another car, you know, just in case?
  • What happens when the battery goes bad (or what is the lifetime of the battery)
  • So it's electric, what does that actually mean?
  • What does it sound like when it's on? [it IS on] Really?!?
  • Does it have any horsepower/can you -really- drive it on the highway (lots of variations of this one)
  • How long does it take to charge?
  • and, as expected... "So how far can you go?"
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