[ad#post_ad]After more than three years of intense debate, discussion, and speculation and over a fifteen hundred articles on GM-Volt.com, the moment has finally arrived for GM to unveil the Chevrolet Volt's pricing.

The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) starts at $41,000.

Taking the $7500 tax credit into account the net cost to the buyer will thus be $33,500. The MSRP includes a $720 destination charge.

GM is pricing the car's lease price much more aggressively. The 3 year 36 month lease payment will be $350 per month with $2500 down payment.

GM is able to offer such a low lease price because of the determination that the car will have a high residual value, though they are not releasing it at this time.

GM will begin taking orders for the car at participating launch market dealers in California, Washington DC, Michigan, Texas and New York starting today.

The car comes with a generous list of standard features for the base MSRP. If a buyer decides to, he or she can add up to 4 premium options which include leather seats and steering wheel, rear camera and parking sensors, polished wheels, and one of three premium paints.

Fully loaded with all the premium features the MSRP will be $44,600 or net $37,100 after the tax credit.

“The Chevrolet Volt will be the best vehicle in its class…because it’s in a class by itself,” said Joel Ewanick, vice president of U.S. marketing for General Motors, who made the announcement at the Plug-In 2010 conference. “No other automaker offers an electrically driven vehicle that can be your everyday driver, to take you wherever, whenever. The Volt will be packed with premium content and innovation, standard.”

To assist the ordering process and manage expectations GM has a specialized customer call in number of -888-VOLT-4-YOU (1-888-865-8496), where a Volt adviser will take your questions. As well there will be a special website to see the status of the order and build process.

Local Volt dealers can be found on the website getmyvolt.com

Included in the MSRP of the car is an unprecedented 5 years of OnStar directions and connections as well as mobile phone connectivity.

“We wanted to make the Volt ownership experience unlike anything we’ve done at Chevrolet, because the Volt is unlike any vehicle we’ve offered,” said Tony DiSalle, director of Chevrolet Volt product marketing. “We want customers to fully enjoy the Volt lifestyle by providing unprecedented connectivity to their vehicle through the Volt mobile app.”

The car comes with a 120V standard charger that will recharge the car in up to 10 hours.

An optional 240 V charger will be available. 4400 customers in launch markets will be eligible for a free charger made available through DOE grants.

And there you have it. Now we know the price.

You can also ask your questions of the Volt team in the box below. Volt vehicle lien director Tony Posawatz and Volt marketing director Tony DiSalle will answer selected questions in a videocast that will appear at 4PM Eastern time.