[ad#post_ad]The last thing we have been waiting for is finally here: the 2011 Chevrolet Volt official EPA fuel economy and label has been revealed.

On Wednesday the EPA released the information to GM who then immediately announced it publicly. Now the cars can be delivered to customers, allowing the company to achieve a hole in one for a delivery date first anticipated over three years ago.

Here are the official numbers:

1. 93 MPGe for all-electric range, combined city highway. This is expressed as miles per gallon equivalents showing how far the car can drive purely on the amount of electric energy that would be contained in a gallon of gas (33.7kwh)

2. Official full charge time is 4 hours at 240-v

3. EV Range is 35 miles officially, GM still says 25 to 50, based on driving style, temperature, and terrain.

4. Extended range charge-sustaining combined city and highway fuel economy is 37 mpg. It is 35 mpg city and 40 mpg highway.

5. Total range is 379 miles, 344 of gas range plus 35 miles electric range.

6. 60 MPG is the official overall combined number (MPGe + MPG) of fuel economy behavior over lifetime of the vehicle. It would be 93 if driving purely electric and 37 if you only drove using gas. This is the highest, of course, in the segment.

There is also a table on the label showing the consumers' cost based on how far they drive each day and how much they are able to charge. We also find the car is using 12.9 kwh during for its 35 miles of electric range.

Of course the distance the driver goes between charges and how frequently the car is charged will significant determine overall fuel efficeint. In my example I have driven the car over 800 miles and am achieving about 150 MPG.

These are the examples given in the table:

30 miles N/A (10.9 kWh consumed)
45 miles 168MPG (12.9 kWh consumed)
60 miles 89MPG (12.9 kWh consumed)
75 miles 69 MPG (12.9 kWh consumed)
No Charge 37 MPG (35 city/40 hwy)