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Odometer software change for different size tires and 69K on OEM tires

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I went searching around but didn't really find the information. Is there a way to change the tire size in the software to correct for different size tires? I'm still running OEM sized tires, but I've been shopping for new tires and was maybe thinking of going to a 225/45-17 for reduced weight.

P.S. I got 69K miles from my original tires. Still had a tiny bit tread left before the wear bars, but the edges were worn down badly. I ran my tires at 49-51 psi all the time.
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HP Tuners software can get into the engine controller and there are tables where vehicle speed is calculated. I don't know if changing them has the desired effect on this car. I suppose I could give it a try with mine.
There's a few of us tinkering with our Volts. The controller we have access to controls the gas engine, and is also the gateway for driver inputs. So we can remap the accelerator pedal for faster response, change engine speeds, and remove any torque limiting we find.

However, the electrical side is controlled by HPTCM1, and we don't yet have access to that. That is where the current limits and ramp rates are set for the motors.

There are a few scan tools which will let you see the motor rpm's, battery SOC, battery temps, and a LOT of other data. Changing those parameters is still off limits, for the most part.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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