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Obviously OFF TOPIC --- VOLVO CX60

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I was caught up with the Headline that VOLVO was going against the TESLA with new 400 hp plug in.... Would this make you think of anything other than a new entry into the ELECTRIC CAR MARKET????? The video suggests the car has TWO engines which suppliment electric. I left an example here.

Volvo Slams Tesla With Its New 400 Horsepower Plug-In SUV

Car & Driver – Volvo CX60

2017 Volvo XC60 Review

With the limited room in the volt, especially the rear and continuous talk of how they need to put an Equinox Body on the Volt Foundation, the looks of this VOLVO CX60 are very good.

In the video, pay attention to the comments about AUTONOMOUS DRIVING...
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Exciting times, but it seems everyone is chasing Tesla. But as has been said often on this forum and else where - give us a CUV with decent electric range and that manufacture won't be able to make them fast enough. For my family a decent range is about where the current Volt is.
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