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Number of batttery charges in lfe of battery

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I have had a Volt for 3 weeks and am wondering what is the impact of using a faster charger versus a slower charger. Specifically how many charges should I get in the life of the battery? And does that change if i usually use a faster charger than a slower charger?
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I think the biggest issues with batteries used in the Volt are time and temperature. Since a higher voltage charger is used for shorter periods of time, I'd think a 240v charger would expose the cells to higher temperatures for less time and therefore stress the cells less than a 120v charger.

I fully charge my Volt on average 6 days a week. So after 6 years, that's 1,872 charge cycles.
A cycle is from 20% to 100% SOC. You're likely not doing that when you charge. The better way to calculate the number of cycles would be to take your EV miles and divide by 35 miles, which would be one full charge. So 35,000 EV miles would be 1000 cycles.

Apologies for being pedantic. Can't help myself. :eek:
QUOTE=Steverino;4117897]Pedanter away, DonC, no harm in that. 95k miles x 70% ev miles=66,500 66,500/35=1900 cycles, give or take. Close enough for me. :)[/QUOTE]I figured it would be close given your driving history. I just didn't want someone thinking that driving five miles a day and recharging every night put on seven cycles a week.

Except active thermal management (the car whirring up front with the radiator fan running and the AC on) should negate that higher temp with charging at 240 vs. 120. It's not an issue unless the AC is broken.
The TMS will help but not negate the elevated temps. Just pointing out that cooking longer with a 120v charger has a downside.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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