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Nuisance traction control activation during right turns

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I’ve had my 2013 Volt since August 2012. Just in the last 5-6 months I’ve noticed a new behavior where the traction control has started engaging when I make right turns at relatively high speed -- usually when exiting the highway onto cloverleaf-style exit ramps (which I admittedly take faster than the average driver), despite the absence of any slick spots or uneven pavement. This behavior never occurred before this year.

When traction control engages during one of these turns, it slows the car down and the result is probably less stable/safe than if no action was taken by the car. It's also just plain annoying. (I've since turned off Traction Control completely, but I don't like this as a permanent fix.)

I’m wondering if anyone knows why this behavior might have started?
Could it be due to a simple alignment issue?
Or could there be some kind of sensor/calibration problem?

  • The tires are Michelin MX4’s with ~20k miles on them. (~49k miles total on the car.)
  • Tires are inflated to 41-42psi cold. (Consistent with where I’ve had them for years before this problem started.)
  • Last tire rotation was ~8000 miles ago. (I know I’m due. But I might just wait until I swap them out for my winter tires.)
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To repeat myself, this is a distinctly new behavior just in the last few months. I've had this car for 4 years and had the same tires for 2 years (they still have plenty of tread left) and I've driven the car the same way for all of that time and never had any issues. And these incidents occur on dry, even pavement.

And it's not like it only happens if I'm screeching around a corner like a mad-man. Yes, it tends to happen at higher speeds, but it also happens occasionally at what I would consider to be faster-than-average-but-still-entirely-reasonable speeds when there is literally 0% risk of tire slippage (absent an oil slick, or something like that).

I'm 99% sure this is not "normal". So I guess maybe I should just get an alignment and get the suspension inspected, and see if that either fixes it or uncovers the root cause.
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