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Noisy A/C

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Here in Salt Lake the temps have been near 100 and over. I've noticed that when I turn on the car after work, the air conditioner runs full blast and it is extremely loud. At least as loud as the ICE itself. Day before yesterday it was over 100 and both the A/C and ICE came on and it was really a racket. Is it normal for A/C to be so loud?
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It's not the AC that's loud, it's the drivetrain that is too quiet causing you to only hear the AC. Just drive an ICER Chrysler 200 loaner car someday an you'll see what I mean. When vibration, noise, and harshness are through the roof, you won't notice the AC compressor.
Yeah, when the temps hit 105 I can hear my '07's A/C run from inside the house.

Good to know my Volt is taking good care of itself in the heat. :)
They didn't make volts in 2007, so you must mean 2017. But when charging my car in the garage, it can make the garage mighty toasty. I sometimes park it outside plugged into 110v until later at night when the temps go down, then move it into the garage.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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