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Noise becomes an issue in wind energy debate

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Wind turbines do make noise and the transformers hum. This "infrasound" however, feels like one persons way to "stick it to the man" with needless lawsuits and such.

But here's the larger question for me: Why must we turn the last pristine land we have into industrial wind generation zones?

I'm 100% for wind power, but lets put the turbines near the cities where the power is needed and where we've already flattened the landscape and pushed over the trees -- not in areas of outstanding natural beauty (and the Brits would say). The argument is that hilltops are more windy and thus more productive, but that increase is sharply offset by the billions of dollars needed to build out the power distribution lines (and their associated line losses) to get the power back to the cities. At least here in Texas, power distribution is paid for by the electric consumer, so the corporations don't care where they turbines go. Areas that once were praised for their natural habitats are now industrial generating sites. Even green power needs to be built-out responsibly and thus far, it's been an unregulated mess for many landowners who end up stuck next to big wind programs.
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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