Since the massive gas price and economy fueled shift started in the North American auto market, all the automakers are scrambling to stop building trucks and start building fuel efficient cars.

The Chevy Beat approved for oversees production seemed like it would be a good fit for this new US market, but couldn't make it here because it wasn't built to US crash and safety standards.

Today, Chevy Brand Manager Ed Peper told Automotive News, that GM will be bringing one of the Beat's two sister cars to North America.

The other two siblings are called Trax and Groove, and per Mr. Peper, "of the triplets, we will get one of those variants." As to which of the two would come he said "I don't want to say at this point."

To meet US requirements the mini car would have to be a bit longer that the Beat is, and will arrive here "in the next couple of years."

If this car is to replace the Aveo, it will be more stylish says GM VP of design Ed Wellburn.

Source ( Automotive News subscription)