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No heat in 2013 on EV

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So I took my 13 to the dealer for the axle click noise and no heat most of the time I'm on electric.

They said my caliper slides need to be lubricated to fix the axle click noise. They want $70 an axle and want to do both axles. And they want to reprogram the HVAC module for $218 plus a $109 diagnosis fee. I told them I'll pass on everything.

After the car sits at night I have heat. If I stop somewhere and shut the car off then back on again within a few hours I won't have heat the 2nd time. If the car sits 5-6 hours the second time, I'll have heat.

They are reprogramming the charger module under voltec warranty as there was a code for it.

The SW actually told me the engine NEEDS to run to produce heat as the car needs to be in open loop to make heat. So basically he doesn't have a clue. And this is the dealership with the volt specialist in the area.

kWh jumps up as if the heater is drawing power but no heat.
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It was the coolant pump on our '15. Never worked properly, finally got fixed two months ago. EV operation heat is fine now.
Should be simple. If the power draw increases when you call for heat, and there is no heat, it's likely the pump. If there is no increased power demand, blame the heater.
1 - 3 of 47 Posts
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