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No Driver Required: CA To Allow Completely Driverless Cars

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California’s Department of Motor Vehicles announced on Wednesday that it will allow for totally driverless cars to operate on public roads, with or without a driver.

California had previously released autonomous vehicle testing regulations back in March. They asked for feedback from automakers, consumer advocates, local governments and insurance companies. Using that feedback, they made the fairly substantial changes which you can see here.

While the changes were technically made to a regulation on the testing of autonomous vehicles, in practice, they won’t only be used for testing purposes. The regulation changes will allow members of the public to ride in and use self-driving cars.

According to a report from The Verge, the changes could not only mean losing human drivers, but also mirrors, pedals, and even steering wheels.

The new regulations do not make any changes to the ban on testing autonomous trucks. And California DMV is quick to point out that companies would still need to make sure that their cars comply with federal laws before they can be used autonomously.

Congress is currently in the midst of working on autonomous vehicle regulations. One of the reasons it was deemed necessary was to ensure that there was a cohesive regulatory framework instead of a loose patchwork of different laws made for each individual state. For their part, California says that it has updated its regulations to allow for as smooth a process as possible once the federal guidelines go into effect.

The CA DMV has opened up a 15-day public comment period on the regulatory changes ending October 25th. Written comments can be submitted by email to [email protected]
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