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I'm a former management professor from GMI and happened to spot a Sparrow in a used car lot in Flint. After retiring and moving to Florida, I researched the Sparrow and made contact with its new Ohio manufacturer Myers Motors. Myers has straightened out some of the Sparrow's original electrical problems, but is using the original body parts in its NMG-EV.

I worked out an arrangement with Myers to promote the car during the winter "season" in Naples and drove it for 3 months -- when AC wasn't essential. It's an understatement to say I LOVED THAT EV! Having a single-seat vehicle isn't everyone's cup of tea, but -- for me -- it was perfect to run errands and go grocery shopping.

I can't toss away $35,000 (MNG's current advertised price) on a second luxury toy, so am sticking to my all-purpose BMW, even as the cost of a tank of gas rises. But there's plenty of room in my garage for another EV that I could show off around this town full of millionnaire conservationists.
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The NBC report that was on YouTube today indicated the Volt would cost $35,000. That's the top price for an NMG, which goes 40 miles without re-charging on the old, non-lithium batteries. I was expecting that the lithium batteries would offer some greater advantage. Will they offer longer-life before replacement is necessary?
Yes. The Volt is expected to go for a full 40 miles on a charge at the end of life (meaning after 150,000 miles). I'm not sure what the NMG end of life is, but I'm almost positive it won't be anywhere near this. Although all esimates say the Volt will cost about $40,000 as far as can be determined at this point. I hope NMG does well, but it's got to cost about $15,000 to be competitive... It just ain't there for me to bite, although I'm a HUGE fan that it's a pure electric vehicle.
My mechanic is installing some lithium ions in a Corbin Sparrow for a customer. He's also adding air conditioning.

The Myers car is alright, just really expensive. For that price it ought to have a 100 mile+ range.
Let us know how the conversion works out...hope it goes well.
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