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I'm a former management professor from GMI and happened to spot a Sparrow in a used car lot in Flint. After retiring and moving to Florida, I researched the Sparrow and made contact with its new Ohio manufacturer Myers Motors. Myers has straightened out some of the Sparrow's original electrical problems, but is using the original body parts in its NMG-EV.

I worked out an arrangement with Myers to promote the car during the winter "season" in Naples and drove it for 3 months -- when AC wasn't essential. It's an understatement to say I LOVED THAT EV! Having a single-seat vehicle isn't everyone's cup of tea, but -- for me -- it was perfect to run errands and go grocery shopping.

I can't toss away $35,000 (MNG's current advertised price) on a second luxury toy, so am sticking to my all-purpose BMW, even as the cost of a tank of gas rises. But there's plenty of room in my garage for another EV that I could show off around this town full of millionnaire conservationists.
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Well, that is one of advantages of a GM taking on the Volt vs some of the smaller competitors. Economy of scale matters in the final price. GM can go big and reduce costs for each individual car. Eventually as large product runs like the Volt come out, I suspect the component costs for things like batteries will come down and the small single seaters will also come down.
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