Nissan has made it clear they intend to enter the electric car market aggressively.  They have been working on lithium ion batteries for years since first showing the Altra concept 17 yeas ago, and have developed a unique large format laminate battery in a partnership with NEC.

For over a year the Japanese automaker has given journalists drives in their electric mule which has a production intent powertrain but borrows the sheetmetal of the second generation Cube.

Nissan has reported its plans to unveil an all new global pure electric car based on this platform in Japan on August 2nd.  The car will get 100 miles of range and the company expects to produce 50,000 units globally in the first year.  It will be available for sale in certain US markets by the end of 2010 for reportedly a lower monthly cost of ownership than a comparable gas car.  Nissan has also been awarded $1.6 billion in loans to build-out a plant for this car in Smyrna Tennessee.

The car will be a compact or C-class hatchback sedan with a distinct electric appearance.  It will use a 24 kwh battery pack mated to an 80 kw front mounted motor, and have a top speed of about 90 MPH.

Nissan has not officially announced the name of the car but a report in the Guardian calls it the "Nissan ZEV" for zero emissions vehilce.  That report also suggest the car will have a more traditional look than jellybean EVs like the i-MiEV.  Another claim being made about the car is that it will be capable of wireless charging.

Nissan has reportedly developed a wireless charging system that uses technology similar to that found in electric toothbrushes, called inductive charging.  Current flows at a distance from a magnetic field generator, allowing the car to be charged wirelessly in a compatible parking bay.  The company even has hopes of embedding these devices in roadways one day so the cars could charge on the fly as they drive by.

Nissan has also developed a battery swapping partnership with Better Place for use in Israel, but has no contracts or expectations do so so in the US market.

The latest report out of Japanese magazine claims Nissan will actually unveil a trio of new EVs on August 2nd.  Besides the aforementioned sedan, one of the other vehicles will reportedly be an SUV.

It would be a compact SUV a bit smaller than the current Nissan Rogue.  The vehicle would be 164 inches in length and capable of traveling more than 100 miles on a charge.

Between these three cars Nissan expects to put 5 million EVs on the worlds roads by 2012.

Big plans indeed.

Source (Best Car Magazine Japan) via ( Left Lane News ) and ( PCW )