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Nissan going plugless hybrid route like Chevy Malibu

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Moderator Note: The OP was misinformed in the post below. The Nissan is not like the BMW i3 EV. Instead it's like the Chevy Malibu, e.g., a very small battery ICE hybrid with no plugin capability.
Nissan is taking a step backwards while GM is taking the step forward. It is going to copy the concept of the iBMW 3 Rex, limping home when the battery rans out. The Chevy Volt has still enormous power even when the battery rans out. Now GM is going the next logical step, the Chevy Bolt EV, a pure electric with no range anxiety at an affordable price. Nissan has gone the other way!
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Adding more energy conversions (mechanical->electrical->mechanical, or worst-case: mechanical->electrical->chemical->electrical->mechanical) is likely to be less efficient than direct engine-to-wheel mechanical powertrains like other conventional hybrids.

Of course, if this car is small and light, it still might get impressive MPG.
Isn't this like a train? I think pickup trucks will eventually be like this.
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