[ad#post_ad]The Nissan Leaf wasn't announced until early 2009, more than two years after GM first unveiled the Volt concept.  Despite their late arrival, Nissan's CEO Carlos Ghosn has been pushing hard to place his company in the leadership position for electric cars.

The 100 mile range Nissan Leaf pure EV and the extended-range Chevrolet Volt are clearly of distinctly different engineering designs, but both are electric cars.

Apparently Ghosn doesn't think the Volt, or anything else, will be much competition though.

"Frankly, I mean so far there is no competition," Ghosn recently told reporters . "Let's be serious. It's not because someone is coming with a prototype and one car that this is competition. The question is how much capacity are you building."

Nissan has plans to build 500,000 EVs in 2012 for global sale.

"What I am sure is that in 2011, I am going to be the only one on the market," he said.

Ghosn announced that Nissan has already collected 56,000 hand raisers for the Leaf EV on the web, and the company plans to begin taking pre-orders next month.  He also expects 10% of automotive sales to be electric cars in 10 years.

"The numbers are big," Ghosn said of the demand.  "We are going to come with 500,000 globally."

He did temper that with an admission that Nissan will need  some time to gauge market reaction until ramping up to maxium production.

Outgoing GM vice chairman Bob Lutz has indicated GM plans to produce about 8000 Chevy Volts in 2011, with the ability to ramp up to 50,000 to 60,000 units annually thereafter.

Is it true Nissan hasno competition?

"You draw the conclusion," Ghosn challenged.

Source ( Bloomberg )