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Hi fellow-future- Volt-owners!

My name's Allen - I like to post using my real name - and I've been following the Volt and Lyle's fine work for about a year now. I've been involved in several online car forums, most notably for one of my other cars, a BMW M3.

Like the M3 I see the Volt as another area of a 'performance' car but in another direction. I like to see my car money spent on real technology, innovation, and engineering. The Volt looks like the real thing and I'm glad to see GM decide to put it's money where it's mouth is and return to something they used to do - build something worth fighting for!

So, happy to join you guys. Let's talk about cars!


P.S. happy to say I'm on the interest list and have a nice new model if the Volt in my office :)
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