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Hi fellow Volters,

I was blown away when I saw the Volt in January 2007 at Detroit's North American International Auto Show -- finally, a (hopefully) affordable green car that doesn't look (or act) like a toaster (can't afford a Tesla, sigh). Plus it holds out hope that I'll own a GM car in my lifetime.

A little Volt-related story: last summer a friend found some BBS wheels for my car on Craig's List. I went to look at them and meet the seller, and learned that he worked at the GM Tech Center, where my long-deceased father had been employed. I told him how I was seriously smittened with the Volt, and was excited that GM was going to make a car I would actually consider buying (always felt a little guilty for buying non-GM cars). Turns out the seller was Max Larroquette, who was then the project manager and chief engineer of the Volt project (don't know if he still is or not). When I came back to pick up the wheels, he gave me the Volt press packet, under the condition that I would not to put it up for sale on eBay. Why would I do that? I'll have it for my Volt!

It'll take more than green cars to correct the course we're on -- for one, we need to live closer to where we work so walking, cycling and public transportation are viable options. And it'll take more than the Volt to pull Michigan and GM out of their economic doldrums. But it's a step in the right direction.



present ride: 2002 Audi TT quattro coupe
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