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New Years Eve Test Drive

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We had a little time to kill on December 31st so I thought it would be fun to take Victor ( 2013 Volt ) for his first trial at canyon bashing through Colorado.

We took an old favorite route with a couple of detours along the way. Start and finish near Platteville, Colorado.

Leg 1. Up Hwy 72 from Arvada to Rollinsville. Victor climbed the canyon in HOLD, maintaining about 30 miles on the GoM.

Leg 2. Rollinsville to the Moffat Tunnel East Portal. Mostly snow, ice, and mud. Victor had no trouble whatsoever for this leg. Altitude at the tunnel is ( I think ) about 9500' ASL, but electric motors are not affected by altitude. I had to keep reminding myself about that. We did get a few funny looks from all the four-wheelers up there.

Leg 3. Hwy 72 from Rollinsville to Lyons. Up, down, up, down. Plenty of regen and much better handling than my old Jeep through this part of the hills. Started this leg with about 24 miles on the GoM and finished with 31 thanks to the big downhill in L near the finish.

Leg 4. Lyons to Platteville. Straight and flat. About 26 miles in SPORT and 65 MPH left us with about 11 miles on the GoM at the finish.

I found it a bit unsettling listening to the ICE running along at a steady rate despite the vehicle speed varying all over the place. That ICE can really rev when powering up the steep grades.

Victor in Tolland:
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that sounded like alot of the pic.
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