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Today I found a new sound that my Volt can make. I have read the manual, but did not find this listed.
I unplugged my Volt and was immediately interrupted by conversation from my wife.
During the conversation, I hung up the EVSE plug, then opened the driver's side door.
As I opened the door, I heard 3 beeps from the charging system. I had not heard 3 beeps before.
Went ahead and got into the car and powered up. Then when I shifted to Drive a message popped up on the DIC. "Charge Door Open"
During the interruption of unplugging I had forgotten to close the charge door and my Volt was apparently trying to tell me before I got all the way into the car.
This is new to the Gen 2 model. My Gen 1 never did this, in fact, it would not tell you that you left the charge door open until you were already moving.
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