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New VW Cheat software discovered. Oh-oh.

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The auto giant's chairman, Hans Dieter Potsch, is facing investigation from German prosecutors after a California regulator recently discovered software on some of Volkswagen AG's Audi models that seem to have allowed the cars to cheat on carbon dioxide emissions tests.

Now, he's been implicated in the latest scandal involving emissions cheating software, which is not the same as the device used in 2015. The California Air Resources Board discovered the software four months ago, but did not publicly disclose it.
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very sneaky how they implemented the steering angle sensor to trigger this particular cheat. It would definitely be difficult to detect since emissions testing equipment generally require a 0 angle. I have a feeling these scandals are going to bring VW to its knees if it doesn't destroy the company first.
I hope this also serves as a wake up call for regulators. If the test procedures are so easily tricked, they need better test procedures. Modern cars are sophisticated and can easily be programmed to cheat. They should anticipate these problems and not just rely on the honor system.
New tests reportedly involve driving the car.
How sad, a lot of smart and talented folks wasted many years of their professional lives perpetrating a hoax of massive scale on innocent consumers who spent tens of thousands of dollars on a product they believed in.

The cost to VW is going to be epic both in terms of actual cash but their reputation is in the toilet. Hopefully something good will rise from the fraud such as the BILLIONS of dollars being used to install EV charging stations.

Hopefully WE don't screw this up.
The cost to VW is going to be epic both in terms of actual cash but their reputation is in the toilet.
Why is anyone shocked?

The very name Volkswagen was coined by Joseph Goebbels. The original car was a Nazi scam, where people put down deposits but only the Nazi elite got vehicles.

Fraud begets fraud.
You've got to wonder who is making these decisions to cheat. When I was still working, I was employed by a company that comprised part of DOW top 30 industrials. We had to go through ethics training every year, you supervisor had to sign off on it and it went into your permanent file and was included in your annual review. But apparently ethics do not apply to the top executives making these decisions.
Wells Fargo, same thing. And pharmaceutical industry is repeatedly fined for rule breaking. There is enough to go wrong in a manufacturing environment without bringing it upon yourselves.
I'm not surprised by any of this. People are selfish. VW's behavior is no different than what people have done in the past. I'll bet you knew somebody back in the day that disabled some pollution controls on their car in order to increase performance?
Yesterday I got a JD Power survey regarding my 2015 VW Golf diesel. My results will look very odd: Excellent ratings on performance, reliability, and value (after all, they're buying it back for almost what I paid for it), and the worst-possible score on questions like "will you buy another VW in the future" and "how likely is it you'll recommend a VW to friends?"
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