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New Volt Owner in MN

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Purchased a new 2017 LT (grey, comfort I, lighted charge port) a couple of weeks ago! The car is even better than I thought. I had driven a Gen 1 Volt a couple of times and was impressed but the Gen 2 is even better. I drive approx. 50+ miles round trip each day and always have juice left in the battery so I drive almost exclusively EV. 2 exceptions, the dealer did not have the Volt charged at the time of purchase so I had to drive it most of the way home on gas and then I had to make an emergency 2 hour round trip drive to rescue my son's broken down vehicle. Even then, the energy screen said it was getting 45 mpg! Love the new Volt!

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Thanks for the heads up on the cold. I completely understand that it WILL lose range in the winter, but ICE cars do too. Besides, it will still probably get better mileage than my Cruze (which the Volt replaced and handed down to my son). Weather now is like the perfect storm for a Volt 60's and 70's, no heat or a/c required, got in this morning and the estimated range was 65! It just keeps getting better.
Hi ND and SD, thanks for saying hello. I forgot to say thank you to everyone on this website. I have followed this site for a long time and finally took the plunge. I appreciate all of the input that I have read and have learned a LOT about this amazing car.

That's good news on the gas mpg! I love driving EV (I love sport mode by the way) but I know there will be multiple 100+ mile trips coming up so good to know the gas mpg is pretty good. Does anyone have any tips on cold weather driving and the Volt? Preconditioning, cabin temp, etc...While I like to get as much as I can out of the battery, I'm not crazy and like warmth. I should probably not think so hard about it and just drive...
Great info. thanks for all of the detail!

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