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New Volt Owner in MN

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Purchased a new 2017 LT (grey, comfort I, lighted charge port) a couple of weeks ago! The car is even better than I thought. I had driven a Gen 1 Volt a couple of times and was impressed but the Gen 2 is even better. I drive approx. 50+ miles round trip each day and always have juice left in the battery so I drive almost exclusively EV. 2 exceptions, the dealer did not have the Volt charged at the time of purchase so I had to drive it most of the way home on gas and then I had to make an emergency 2 hour round trip drive to rescue my son's broken down vehicle. Even then, the energy screen said it was getting 45 mpg! Love the new Volt!

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Welcome here anxious.

Too many reports of dealers not properly prepping cars for delivery. They may be independent businesses, but this hurts the Chevy image-which, though recovering slowly, is awful- so GM should put pressure on the dealers. My dealer gets an A+, so it can be done.
It definitely does hurt them, but I think their nervous system is numb.
I thought that was how all Chevy dealers are. Clearly they are doing what they do. Clearly it isn't good enough.
Holden in Australia is simply carbon copy.
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