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New Volt Owner in MN

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Purchased a new 2017 LT (grey, comfort I, lighted charge port) a couple of weeks ago! The car is even better than I thought. I had driven a Gen 1 Volt a couple of times and was impressed but the Gen 2 is even better. I drive approx. 50+ miles round trip each day and always have juice left in the battery so I drive almost exclusively EV. 2 exceptions, the dealer did not have the Volt charged at the time of purchase so I had to drive it most of the way home on gas and then I had to make an emergency 2 hour round trip drive to rescue my son's broken down vehicle. Even then, the energy screen said it was getting 45 mpg! Love the new Volt!

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I'm next to you in SD. Have had my 2017 nearly a year now. You won't get that EV range once it gets cold, especially below 10 F, but still better than most anything else around. My dealer also had not charged the battery when I picked it up in the Twin Cities. I specifically mentioned this to the Rep who was demonstrating the features to me. Dealerships need to get in the habit of doing this. After all, they fill the gas tank right? This Summer I've been getting 40-45 mpg in Charge Sustained mode. My commute is 50 mi. one way, but I am able to charge at work. Most days I use less than 1/4 gal of gas.

Feel free to respond in the forum as you have questions, or to share your experience in the cold.
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