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New user. When can I expect to see the battery report?

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I installed the the ELM327 for my 2017 Volt days ago. When can I expect to see the battery report?
Where are the instructions for using MyGreenVolt?
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Such documentation as I've found is here: More

There are tabs, or a pulldown menu of tabs, depending on your screen orientation. Tapping "batt cell" (I think that's it) will switch to the cell voltage display. If it says "PURCHASE" in the corner, you're looking at a demo screen and need to buy the upgrade for a dollar. Cell voltages change A LOT so only expect consistency/reliability when the car is on, but parked for a minute or two, and engine has turned itself off. Fresh off a charger will show you how well the balancing has worked (cells should be very close together in the min/max read out at the bottom, but will hide weak cells from you. Doing a reading when the battery has been discharged and the car has switched to engine at least once will show weak cells if there are any, and you'll see a bigger deviation between the min and max in mV.
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I did buy the app. And it's been a few days and the Batt Cell tab is still blank.
Everything, every tab, every page is all zero. Except the Bluetooth tab: "Already connected to OBDII"
So you did not do the in-app upgrade purchase to enable the cell read-out?
I appreciate your assistance.
I clicked on the "Purchase" button on the app on my Android phone. Was I supposed to do it differently?
That's the right thing to do, but that was the first time you've said that's what you did in a way that was clear about that you did this particular thing. So, app installed, cell readout purchased. Car on? Reader dongle plugged into OBD port, reader dongle paired with app? App showing data on the main dashboard?
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That doesn't actually tell us much. EM327 is the name of a microcontroller chip that does OBD-to-RS232 transcoding, but it's in a lot of OBD readers, some of which support the right messages to work correctly with MGV, and some of which don't. As an example, here's a list of brands I found while asking for "ELM327" on Amazon:

BAFX Products
LAUNCH Creader

At least six of those are obvious attempts to pretend that they're the VEEPeak one (being identically shaped and colored), four look like pretender FORScans (shape and label pattern), and there's one pretender OBDLink. We especially don't know how well the obvious pretenders are, because if they're willing to rip off design choices and sell for $8 instead of $17 (much less than $140 that the app-author-recommended OBDLink MX+), who knows what other shortcuts were taken?
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So one of the VEEPeak Bluetooth/Android ones will work to your knowledge? I'll take
one more chance for my third one...
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I don't have any direct knowledge, though I remember that there was some conversation about whether they do or not recently. Hit the forum search and find out.
Thanks- This is the one I bought on a recommendation from the Volt forum on Facebook.

So, any of the three you listed above should work with then GmVolt app?
That is absolutely NOT what I'm saying. What I'm saying is that you telling us that you bought an ELM327 tells about as much as us asking "what car are you using?" and you saying "I have a hatchback".
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