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New to Volt: Dogs?

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Hello all... Joined the forum today to seek info and advice about the Volt. My wife and I test drove a Volt Premier and a Prius 3 today. Needless to say we like both cars and my favorite is the Volt. But have concerns about inside space of the Volt for our doggies. We have two Rotties we like to take with us on trips. Not sure if the back seat folded down will work for them or best to let them seat on the seats.. Anyway thanks in advance. -sfvdoc
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Not sure how big your pups are, but in my '14, our 72lb German Sheppard sits/lays fairly comfortably in one of the 2 rear seats with him buckled into it. I feel like the situation would be equitable, if not marginally better with a Gen 2 Volt (not that I've been inside a Gen 2, yet).
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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