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Hi everyone! As of yesterday, i'm now the happy owner of a 2015 Crystal Red Premium CPO Volt. Loving it already - I kept going out to the garage last night to watch the range climb.

I'm happy with the deal I got... $17.6K out-the-door for a just-off-lease car with 26K miles, a tan suede interior plus apparently every factory option the car was offered with. I was ecstatic the car was available when I was looking because it was an almost perfect color combo. It definitely has some bells and whistles! I'm going to be reading the owners manual cover-to-cover to learn about all of its features.

Like another poster from this week, i'm a GM employee, working at the Tech Center in Warren, MI. The number of charge stations GM is putting in on the Tech Center campus made the decision to go with a Volt a no-brainer.

Many thanks to this forum as well for its help in educating me on the ins and outs of searching for a used Gen1 Volt!
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