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Last November my WRX decided it didn't need compression in two of it's four cylinders. Being the cheap person I am I decided I would rebuild it myself. In the mean time I had a 2011 F250 crew cab I could drive back and forth to work. Well, by September of 2017, the WRX was still in pieces in my garage. Rental houses, grand kids, home projects, life and Saturn not lining up completely with Jupiter have gotten in the way of finishing the Subaru project. In the mean time I was spending $210 to $300 a month in gas.

I started looking around for another vehicle since the WRX evolved into a stage 3 block, ported heads, a lot of boost and would no longer work as a daily driver. I went to look at a Mazda 3 at a local Chevy dealership that was totally uninspiring to drive when I came across a 2014 Crystal Red Volt with only 8500 miles on it. The sales lady asked if I was serious if I wanted to drive it. Apparently it had been sitting on the lot a while mainly because the sales force didn't know a thing about it. The dealership called the former owner to come in since he still had the manual for it. He had traded it in for a Bolt. After a few hours and $16,464 OTD I was on my way. I must say I love this car. I still use the factory charger at home and work has a station in the garage I use for free. The only downside is I have no excuse to stop at the gas station and buy a Diet Dr. Pepper while the truck was filling up.
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