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I have always liked the looks of the Volt, but hadn't really thought about getting one until a few months ago. I was looking at the usual websites to get a feel for what they were going for, pricewise. I was wanting a newer one, but settled on the 2014 as a nice point to introduce myself to this new technology. Well, new to me anyway.

Then I found this forum and started digging around and figured this car would be nice to have. The kicker that pushed me over the edge was when the hurricane hit Houston. I was at work one day, a fellow employee told me that if i needed gas, I had better go out at lunchtime to fill up. I ignored that advice, and as luck would have it, I was running on empty, and there were lines like i hadn't seen in many years. Fortunately, I had another vehicle, so I could let the empty gas one sit till everybody calmed down.

I found 2 Volts to look at the following weekend, so we went to test drive them. Mind you, I had never even sat in a Volt before this time, so i wasn't really sure what i was getting into. Long story short, I ended up buying the 1st one I drove, the 2014, with 41,000 miles on it. Carfax showed it was from a Michigan lease return, had been through 2 auctions, and ended up here in TX. The other one was a 2013, it had less miles, but there was just something about it that put me off.

So I have now had the white 2014 for over 2 months now, and I am really amazed with it. It showed 79.3 MPG lifetime, and it is now up to 83, so I am doing something right. It is right in my wheelhouse for my daily commute, about 27 miles round trip, so I only burn a little gas about once or twice a week when I know I will drive more. This car handles like no other I have driven, and it is FUN! I am still only on the 120v charge, which is just fine for the Mon-Fri gig, but am looking into 240v in the future.

The biggest downside for this car is getting out of it. Since the seat goes so far back, I end up sitting next to the B pillar, so I have to "scootch" some to get out. A small penalty to pay for a vehicle that I am really enjoying!

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